Cool Bike Rack Launches ‘Qube’

Cool Bike Rack, the universal patented and practical wall mounted bike rack has evolved becoming more modern and minimalist with a new range of colours. Qube Bike Rack is here! It’s never been this easy to hang up your bike on wall. Different lengths for different situations Qube XS is just 24 cm long whilst Qube XL is 37 cm.

More colours…more combinations… Now you can mix and match  your Qube Bike rack with your interior design. White or brown bases with rotating heads in white, brown or black.

Qube Bike Rack: The smart and practical way to hang your bike up.

A neat accessory tray with hooks designed to combine with your rack and hold all those things that you can’t find when you want them… gloves, keys, helmet sunglasses, always on hand ready to go.

Yet another really neat accessory for the range that allows you to use the Qube on stud walls with plasterboard! A special fixing plate means you can choose any part of your house, office, garage etc to hand your bike, irrespective of the wall construction.